How to Safely Buy Diamonds Online

How to Safely Buy Diamonds Online

Shopping has taken a new shape in our world of technology today. One is able to shop for a variety of things, even natural loose diamonds or colored diamonds, right from the comfort of the home with a computer, tablet, smartphone, etc. Although there are several risks involved, you definitely can save a lot with online buying. It might not be as easy buying earthmined diamonds online especially when you are only just researching your options and trying to narrow your choices. Don’t fret, here are a few guides to help ease the process.

Learn the basics
You should note that loose certified diamonds come in different carat weight, color grade, clarity grade, cut grade, etc. These are specifics you might need to decide on before running on to order them. You should take your time to learn, research, make comparisons before even making a purchase. Once that is settled, you can then decide exactly what you want before proceeding further to look for these specifics online or better still, get an expert’s opinion.

After deciding on specifics, it is only wise to check whether the dealer has your choice of diamonds in stock or not. Having the diamond in stock is proof that the dealer owns the diamond and transfer of ownership would not make for complications. Also, there is immediate delivery, a longer return period, an upgrade policy and any other detailed information on the diamond.

It is a well-known fact that most online retailers only put up sample pictures for display. This can be quite misleading. So, ensure to request for the actual picture of the diamond you pick. You can then do well to zoom in on the imagery, assess the clarity, look out for inscriptions, blemishes and any other necessary detail that will help identify the rock.

Certified diamond
This particular aspect of buying diamonds online cannot be overemphasized. You should only buy diamonds with gemological certificates. Such certificates are issued by a third party gemological institute thereby guarantees an objective assessment. Otherwise, the purchase comes with an independent grading report which can as well be verified on report checks on most online database to ensure that the online product description such as the carat, color, clarity, cut, etc. matches the grading results.
In terms of inscriptions, the diamond’s grading report number is either inscribed at the edge before sale or at the point of sale. It is a microscopic inscription, a symbol of identification that must match the report.

Check on the organization
Also, there is the need to carry out a few quick checks on the company you would be buying from in terms of how long the company has been in the business, reviews, feedback and ratings from other customers. Also check that the organization is a registered member of a jewelry trade association or diamond exchange, its return policy, office address, shipment details, etc. It is particularly safe to search for online dealers who have retail stores and an easy and flexible return policy. Make sure to choose and buy from a reliable dealer who is also a registered diamond dealer or manufacturer.

Secured payment options
You should make sure to consider a means of payment that guarantees the safety of your data and credit information especially when buying from websites that do not have physical presence in your home country. Generally, it is advisable to always pay by credit card because most credit card companies provide recourse. Also, you should look out for hidden and unnecessary costs and most importantly, do not ship diamonds without insurance.

It goes without saying that a lack of communication is what constitutes a greater part of problems associated with buying loose diamonds online. Up to delivery and after sale, there needs to be adequate communication and feedbacks from both the seller and buyer. While the buyer communicates specifics, expectations, deadlines, delivery details, etc., the seller gives organizational policies, terms and conditions, payment details, etc.

After sale
Dealers recommend that once the diamond is delivered, you should have an independent appraiser confirm that the diamond matches the dealer’s description, verify the accompanying paperwork, value and give you details for insurance purposes. You should note that diamonds tend to appear almost identical and may look different when viewed in person. So the process is not over until all these documents are verified.

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