Pie-Cut Diamonds – Big Diamonds for Less

What are Pie-Cut Diamonds?
Big Diamonds are expensive, very very expensive. On the other side small diamonds are extremely cheap (compared to the bigger ones). So, they created a diamond which looked BIG, but by using multiple small diamonds. That’s Pie-Cut Diamonds. By using experienced diamond cutting planners and skilled diamond master cutters, small diamonds rough are planned and cut in such a fashion that when put together, they give the look and feel of one big diamond. A 5 carat F VVS single piece emerald cut diamond may cost you a little fortune, but the same size of pie-cut diamond set is affordable enough for you to make a straight walk-in purchase. That’s why they call it “Big Diamonds for less”.

How much is the price difference between a single piece diamond and pie-cut diamonds of similar face up?
HUGE. The price difference is well beyond your imagination. A set of pie-cut with a face up of carat emerald cut shall weigh apx. 1.20ct of 9 pcs. So, technically you are buying 9 pieces of F VVS diamonds weighing apx. 0.13cts each. How expensive can that get compared to a 5 carat single piece diamond?

Are they available in every shape?
Yes. Pie-Cut diamonds sets are available in most of the shapes. Asscher, Emerald cut, Round, Oval, Pear, Heart and Star shapes are commonly available.

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Are they natural diamonds?
Yes. We manufacture pie-cut diamonds from the same diamond rough which we use to make diamond fancy shapes. The diamonds are 100% natural, untreated and conflict-free. You shall receive a laboratory certificate with every purchase which shall confirm the above.

What kind of jewelry can I get made from pie-cut diamonds?
Any kind of jewelry can be made with Pie-Cut Diamonds. We have in-house expert CAD jewelry designers who can help you create the jewelry of your dreams. There are no limitations. Any jewelry which you make with single piece diamonds can be easily made with Pie-Cut Diamonds.

Where do I make jewelry for these?
Pie-cut Diamonds is a subject of experience and expertise. Therefore, not every jeweler can make Jewel from Pie-cut Diamonds. It’s a very specialized type of jewelry and for that you require specially trained workmen. We have years of experience manufacturing pie-cut diamonds and also making jewelry for it. Our factory in Bangkok have specially trained workforce who have been making pie-cut diamond jewelry for years. Here we created beautiful jewelry for our showroom and also custom jewelry on our customer request.

Are you sure pie-cut jewelry is long life?
Yes. We are sold 10,000s of pie-cut diamond jewelry over these years. With this vast production experience, we have figured out the areas which can create problems in future. And, our expert workmen make sure that each and every aspect is taken care of. That’s why we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY. If there is any problem caused to your jewelry due to our manufacturing fault, we shall fix it for you anytime.

In conclusion, Pie-Cut Diamonds are affordable alternative to expensive BIG diamonds. Same big look diamonds, but for a very less price.

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